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Date: 15,03,2023

Author: Aosion

The following is an example of this product:Battery Mole Repeller (model:AN-A312V)


Easy To Install

Place in areas covered with loose soil, such as vegetable gardens or flower beds.

Carefully place the unit into the hole, making sure the soil reaches 2/3 of the way up the unit.

Don't use a hammer, lest you break it

mole chaser Installation diagram


Save trouble and worry

(1)24-hour automatic protection of the garden.

(2)With a battery life of 4 to 6 months.

(3)IPX4 Waterproof Not afraid of heavy rain.

(4)Coverange: 650sq.m

IPX4 schematic diagram


Mole Repeller is useful


The sound waves will irritatemoles let them feel danger and drive them away from the irradiated area.

Snoic schematic diagram


Avoid Bacteria and Virus

There are all kinds of bacteria and virus with rodents and their poopsTo keep them away is also to protect you and your family from the bacteria and virus.

rat rabit mole schematic diagram

The effective range of the mole chaser is indeed very large. This is because the ability of sound waves to propagate in the soil is stronger than in the air, so it can cover a larger range. However, the specific effective range depends on many factors, such as the tightness of the soil, water content, frequency and amplitude of sound waves, surrounding environment and so on.
In actual use, the soil-type sonic repellent can play an unexpected role in repelling underground pests such as moles, but it is not a perfect solution. This is because factors such as the sensitivity and habits of pests to sound waves will also affect the repelling effect. Therefore, when using the soil-type sonic repellent, it is best to combine other control measures, such as clearing food and habitat, setting obstacles, etc., to improve the repelling effect.
In addition, it should be noted that the repelling effect of the sonic repellent will gradually weaken over time, so it is necessary to replace the battery regularly or check whether the power supply is working properly.



Materials: ABS+Aluminum Tube

Power Supply: 4*D batteries(not included)

Function: Sonic+ vibrating

Frequency: 400-1000HZ

Coverange: 650sq.m

APPLICATION: Garden, Yard, Manor, Farm.....


product structure


The Mole chaser drives mole away.

Keeps unwanted mole out ofthe garden, yard, and ponds etc...
garden yasd manor

Cick here get more details about mole chaser.

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