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Date: 23,03,2023

Author: Aosion

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The Hoont Ultrasonic Electronic Destroyer is a new type of repelling tool, which is suitable for repelling ungulates that often damage crops, such as cattle, sheep, deer and horses. The repellant works by emitting a special high-frequency sound wave and flashing light to deter ungulates from approaching, thereby reducing crop damage.


Hoont animals may spoil well-managed crops

These ungulates also tend to grind their horns, and if these animals use their horns to grind your fence or wooden fence, yes, your fence is just that broken. By the way, don't forget that they also have strong and hard hooves, which can trample the crops you have spent months planting overnight, and it is not difficult to imagine a messy scene the next day.

hoont animal horns

hoont animal repeller
reindeer hoont animal horns

If you are being bothered by these ungulates, here is a recommendation that you try the Ultrasonic Repeller.


working principle

(1) This repellent uses ultrasonic noise technology, which can emit an ultrasonic sound frequency, which is outside the audible range of hoofed animals, which will cause discomfort to them and keep them away.

(2) This kind of repellent generally has bright flashes, which emit bright flashes continuously, which can drive wild deer, cattle, horseshoe animals or wild wild animals. As long as it is close, the infrared sensor will trigger a bright flash if it moves.

hoont animal repeller Aosion AN-B869

Where and how to use

Hoofed Ultrasonic Electronic Destroyer is ideal for estates, farm fields, ranches, gardens and more. It is powered by power and is very simple to use, just place it in the area that needs to be protected. When it is running, it emits an ultrasonic sound frequency, generally lasting from a few seconds to a few minutes, and then stops automatically. It should be noted that this repeller is not harmful to humans and animals other than ungulates.



The effect of the ultrasonic electronic repeller for ungulates is very obvious, and the repelling effect has been proved to be very good after many tests and practices. It can effectively drive away ungulates, thereby reducing damage to crops and avoiding economic losses. At the same time, using the repellent can also reduce the necessity of using chemical agents and reduce environmental pollution.


Multi 4 in 1

Ultrasonic, flash, infrared induction, solar energy,

Still IPX4 waterproof
4-in-1 hoont animal repeller Aosion AN-B869.jpg

hoont animal repeller Aosion AN B869 IPX4

This ungulate repellent, will not harm ungulates, only repels them. And as long as it is installed for the first time, the battery can generally be used for several months, and the battery can be used all the time after it is fully charged.


Below you can see some real user pictures.

deer repeller video


The Hoont Ultrasonic Electronic Destroyer is a very effective tool that can be used to protect crops from ungulate damage. It has the advantages of simple use, obvious effect, and no harm to the environment, and has attracted more and more people's attention. Of course, like other animal repellants, this kind of repellent also needs to choose the most suitable method of use according to different environments and situations.

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