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Date: 22,03,2023

Author: Aosion

Squirrel Repellent
If you have squirrels in your garden, you may feel happy at first, seeing these clever and cute animals feel alive. But often your next-door neighbor may do some naughty behavior, which annoys you and there is nothing you can do about it.


What can squirrels possibly bother a home?

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In fact, some squirrel species outside the residential garden, such as gray squirrels and red squirrels, may cause the following problems to the house:

(1) Damage to houses and buildings: Squirrels often climb on roofs and walls, and their sharp teeth and claws may damage building materials such as roof tiles, waterproofing materials, wooden casings, doors and windows.

(2) Pollution and damage indoors: Squirrels may enter the house through roofs, chimneys and vents, and they will leave feces, urine and chewed items, etc., causing indoor pollution and damage.

(3) Destruction of gardens and crops: Squirrels like to eat all kinds of nuts and seeds, including vegetables and fruits in the garden. They may dig holes and turn the soil in the garden, damaging crops and causing losses.

(4) Threats to power and communication lines: Squirrels will climb up electric poles and communication lines, and bite off the wires and optical cables, which may cause power outages and communication interruptions.

(5) Threat to humans and pets: Although most squirrels do not pose a direct threat to humans and pets, they may attack humans and pets when they are frightened or feel threatened, resulting in the risk of injury and disease infection.


Therefore, if squirrels are found to plague the residence, measures should be taken in time to prevent and control them.


What habits do squirrels have?

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Squirrels are common rodents, and their living habits are as follows:


Squirrels are generally active during the day, especially in the morning and evening. Their range of activity generally does not exceed 1 km.


feeding habits:
Squirrels are omnivores, feeding primarily on nuts, seeds, fruit, insects and small vertebrates. They store food for a rainy day, often hiding it in the ground or in trees.


Squirrels can breed 1-2 times a year, and each litter usually has 3-5 young mice. Pups usually begin to leave the nest around 6 weeks after birth.


Squirrels usually build their nests in trees or buildings, and the nests are usually made of twigs, leaves, grass, and other materials. They also nest on the ground or in buildings.


Squirrels usually like to live in high places, such as tree branches and utility poles. They can easily climb trees and building exteriors, so they have easy access to places like roofs, closets and basements.


social contact:
Squirrels are usually solitary, but during the breeding season they communicate and mate with other squirrels.


In short, squirrels are animals with strong adaptability and vigorous vitality. They will constantly change their behavior and living habits according to changes and adaptations in the environment.


Squirrel Repellent With These 6 Tips

Here are some ways to repel squirrels:

(1) Find and block the invasion point:

First, you need to find out the invasion point where the squirrels enter the house and block it to prevent them from re-entering. Materials such as wire mesh, rigid foam, and wood boards can be used to seal off intrusion points.


(2) Electronic squirrel repellent:

The working principle of the electronic squirrel repellent is to drive away such rodents by using ultrasonic waves that humans cannot hear. Some work continuously for 24 hours, and some have two types of working modes that trigger ultrasonic waves with sensors. The purpose of both types can be automatically driven, and the general battery can be used for three to four months, which is very convenient. Place it in an area frequented by squirrels.


(3) Use squirrel traps:

Squirrel traps can be used to catch squirrels and take them away from the house to release them. Always follow local laws and regulations when using squirrel traps.


(4) Use squirrel spray:

You can use some special sprays for squirrels. These sprays usually contain natural ingredients, such as plant essential oils, which can repel squirrels and let them go.

insecticide spray

(5) Arrange spring traps:

Spring traps can be arranged in places where squirrels often appear to capture and release squirrels.


(6) Place poison baits:

This is not a recommended method, because poison baits may cause harm to other animals and pets, and may cause squirrels to rot in the wall after death, producing an unpleasant smell. If using poison baits, be sure to follow the product directions exactly.

kill poison

It is important to note that to avoid injury or trouble, cruel or illegal methods of removal are not recommended, gentle and legal methods of removing squirrels are preferred. Also, please understand local laws and regulations before resorting to any method of eviction.



in conclusion:

Pay attention to maintaining the peaceful coexistence between man and nature, and harming squirrels rashly may also violate local laws and regulations. Maybe your squirrel neighbors have harassed you, but maybe your move-in also brought discomfort to the original squirrel neighbors. Try to maintain a friendly neighborhood relationship with this squirrel neighbor by peacefully repelling them.

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