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Date: 17,04,2023

Author: Aosion

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Ideal and real cat

The sound of a cat crying like a baby seriously affects sleep,

Stray cats are using your private garden as a public open air toilet

Solutions to expel stray cats

Cat repellers are also a good option,

Below are some cat repellers we recommend.


Ideal and real cat

When it comes to cats, the most famous one is the movie Garfield. The protagonist of the Garfield series, Garfield (Garfield) is an orange, mischievous, funny and funny fat cat that eats human food. In real life, the Garfield breed is also called British Shorthair, which is a pet cat with a long history in Britain. It originally came from the UK and is loved by many people in the UK, as well as by cat lovers all over the world.
The movie Garfield 2

Speaking of real life, if it is a cat raised in your own home, it will make people feel very warm. However, I would like to say that if it is a feral cat near the house, it can be very maddening. Especially in the UK, there are surprisingly many stray cats. According to data from the British charity Cats Protection, there are currently more than 1 million stray cats in the UK. These stray cats usually become stray cats because their owners cannot take care of them, abandon them or get lost. In addition, there are some feral cats that have never been in contact with people and live naturally in the grasslands, garbage dumps and other environments in cities and villages.
stray cat

The sound of a cat crying like a baby seriously affects sleep,

The meowing of these stray cats during estrus is the strangest thing I have heard of so many animals, like a baby crying, and it often makes such a sound in the middle of the night. Imagine sleeping in the middle of the night hearing inexplicable babies crying when there are no babies in your house or neighborhood. This once gave me nightmares when I was a child. Even for adults, it is difficult to accept the elongated high-pitched voice of the wild cat's plaintive. This kind of sound is often made by wild cats during the estrus period. It is often only in the middle of the night, and not very much during the day. It really affects sleep. Although cats are cute, the crying of babies made by wild cats is what I hate and annoy me the most. No animal can disgust me so much. Another point is that anyone who has raised cats knows that cats are in estrus, very irritable, and easy to catch people. Maybe wild cats are more afraid of people, so there is no need to worry about this. But a rambunctious feral cat wreaks havoc in the middle of the night like a mad bull. So if you have a feral cat in heat near your house, you can not only hear the baby crying in the middle of the night, but also hear things breaking, the sound of feral cats fighting, and you may see a mess of garbage near your house the next day Debris everywhere.
cat scream

Stray cats are using your private garden as a public open air toilet

There is also a little stray cat, which is particularly uncomfortable. The beautiful private garden you take care of with all your heart, the stray cats around, have a special liking for the garden lawn, they like to go to the bathroom in these places, so your beautiful garden full of flowers, there will be cat excrement from time to time, This really packs a punch on your good day.

Especially in the UK, I think many people have encountered the problem of expelling stray cats.
cat in the garden


Solutions to expel stray cats

The first point is to let the cat have nowhere to look for food.

Don't feed cats indiscriminately. Once you feed cats, even once or twice, they will continue to bother you and ask you for food and drink. Of course, you'd better reach an agreement with your neighbors on this point. Otherwise, if your neighbor feeds stray cats, stray cats will still come. Restaurant waste bins can also be a food source for feral cats. Talk to the owner of a nearby restaurant and remind them to keep their waste bins covered and emptied on time.


The second point is to let the cat have nowhere to live.

Cats don't like cold and wet weather, they will look for warm, dry places to shelter from the rain. If you happen to have a garden shed or clutter in your home, make sure these are sealed off, or feral cats may sneak in. Cats like to dig holes in the soft ground to relieve themselves. They usually find the corner of the yard or hidden bushes. Keep an eye out for these places, and if you see cats peeing and defecating, remember to put rocks in there when they're done. In this way, cats can only go to other places in the future, because they don't like to relieve their hands in places with stones.


The third point is to take advantage of the fact that cats are naturally afraid of water,

Water can be used to repel cats, and irrigation devices can be installed at home, which is a good way to scare away wild cats. Water will not harm cats, but repeated use of water to scare cats may keep them from coming to the owner's house again.


Fourth, there are some cat repellent sprays in pet supply stores,

Which can be used to repel cats. But what needs special attention is that you must never hurt or kill cats. These are inhumane and illegal. Cats especially hate the smell of citrus. You can place a large grapefruit peel in a place where you don't want cats to get close.


Cat repellers are also a good option,

Ultrasonic repellers produce certain ultrasonic waves, which humans cannot hear, but cats can feel. Ultrasonic cat repellers are installed around the yard, which can effectively drive away wild cats. There is also a water spray repellent, which can have an immediate effect on driving cats away.


Below are some cat repellers we recommend.

Solar Animal Repeller For Cat AN-B030

This product uses the ultrasonic waves and flashes emitted by the machine to drive animals away. The ultrasonic waves have multiple gears that can be adjusted, and the flash can also be adjusted. It has an infrared heat source sensor and a solar panel on the top, which means that the standby state will be More energy-saving and durable. This cat scarer runs on three AA batteries and can be used for 3 to 4 months on a normal charge. After three to four months, the battery can be charged with the USB port of the charger. This product has a compact and precise design. It can not only be used outdoors with ground stake accessories to drive away cats, dogs, and rodents, but it can also be used indoors to drive away rats after removing the ground stakes. It is easy to use. After fully charged, adjust the ultrasonic gear and the flashing gear. The front of the machine can face the area where cats often appear. The effective distance is about 8 meters, depending on whether there are obstacles in the middle. During the ultrasonic transmission process, do not There are obstacles to block, otherwise it will affect the ultrasonic transmission effect.

Equipped with ground stakes, wall mount holes, and good build quality, this product is great value for money, easy to set up, simple to operate, and can be used both indoors and outdoors, making it our pick for the best ultrasonic cat scarer.
cat repeller AN030


Sonic Wave Cat Repellent AN-B040

This cat repeller has sensor, ultrasonic, flash, solar panel, IPX4 outdoor waterproof, and ground stake. In terms of appearance design, a wall hanging hole is added, and the solar panel can be adjusted 180 degrees. Can be hung on the wall, can be hung on a tree.
Sonic Wave cat Repellent AN-B040


Multifunctional Sprinkler Cat Repeller AN-B060

This cat repeller mainly uses water spray to expel stray cats, with PIR sensor, flashing light, solar panel, IPX4 outdoor waterproof. The maximum recognition range of the sensor is 8 to 10 meters. The maximum length of the water spray range is 8 meters and the width is 16 meters (depending on the local water pressure). The sensor solar panel has 360 degree adjustment.
cat repeller AN060


Garden Double Sides Solar Cat Repeller AN-B080

Double-sided ultrasonic design, double-sided sensors, there are three working modes: off mode, ultrasonic 24-hour working mode (LED flashing is controlled by Light-Dependent Control (only work at night)), ultrasonic and flashing 24-hour working mode. The product also has solar panels and can work for three to four months. The product is IPX4 waterproof, so you can use it outdoors without fear of wind and rain. The expulsion principle of this cat repeller is also flash light and ultrasonic. The difference is that it has a double-sided design, and cats passing by on the front and back will trigger the repeller to drive away. The solar panel can be adjusted 270 degrees.


Battery Powered Ultrasonic Cat Repeller AN-B011-1

This product can repel birds, cats, dogs and foxes (three gears can be adjusted), using ultrasonic waves to repel, with an infrared thermal sensor. Use with 4 D-size batteries.
cat repeller AN011


Battery Powered Ultrasonic Flashlight Multifunctional Cat Repellent AN-B010-1

With multi-color LED light prompts, with alarm horn, ultrasonic expulsion, strong flash lights on both sides, with PIR sensor, can expel cats, dogs, deer and birds. Pairs with a 9-volt stacked battery or a mains-powered 9-volt adapter.
cat repeller AN010


Outdoor Cat Repeller AN-B050P

With PIR sensor, ultrasonic, equipped with ground stakes, use with 3 AA batteries. Black appearance, with rear holes for wall hanging.
cat repeller AN-b050p


Solar Cat Repeller AN-B869

Ultrasonic and light flash repellent, with sloped solar panels, with ground stakes, with a wall-mounted rear hole, and can be used with 3 AA batteries. The ultrasonic frequency can be adjusted in three frequency gears. The first one is 13.5kHz-17.5kHz to repel mice, small rodents and other animals. The second, 15.5kHz-19.5kHz repels large dogs, foxes and other animals. The third, 19.5kHz-23.5kHz repels small dogs, cats, birds, bats and other animals.
cat repeller AN-869


Aosion is an established animal repellent manufacturer established in 2007. It supports OEM and ODM. Its products have been sold in the UK, Europe, America, Australia and other parts of the world for many years, meeting local production standards around the world. If you are interested in animal repeller products, you can contact us through our email (


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