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Date: 24,03,2023

Author: Aosion

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The following is the shared experience of a practitioner who has been in the disinfecting industry for many years:
Mike is a master professionally engaged in the pest control company. He has been focusing on and engaging in the pest control company for 8 years. In fact, he has been fighting the "four pests" for 8 years in the pest control company. Rats can be called the four pests. First of all, almost all the places without exception are not infested by rats. To put it bluntly, all the high-end places you see are actually harassed and infested by rats inside. It is the reason and significance of the long-term existence of our killing company.

Are self-made mouse traps on the Internet really useful?

Mike said: "Recently, I have seen a lot of self-made mouse traps on the Internet, especially in short videos. Judging from the effects of the videos, they are indeed very good and very practical. Some people even imitate them offline. Although I don't know the final result. How about the effect of imitation, but I am sure to say that based on my experience of fighting wits and courage with mice for 8 years, you really underestimated the IQ of mice, and your so-called mouse trap will only work under certain conditions. effective:
First, all the food is completely sealed, and the mice are already hungry;
Second, a completely enclosed place where rats are kept. Moreover, generally speaking, it is difficult to catch two mice at the same time in one trap. "
Not much gossip, let me talk about some of Mike's mouse-catching experience and experience over the years.
A man DIY rat zapper

First of all, we need to fully understand the habits of mice.

1. Don't underestimate the IQ of mice

Although mice are afraid of people, compared with other animals, mice have a higher IQ, even having the IQ of a 5-year-old child. In addition to encountering people or natural enemies, rats in a calm state can perform actions and IQs beyond your imagination, so they seldom fall into the same trap in the same place.
A cat catches a  mouse

2. Mice carrying germs will appear in various occasions

Rats will appear in various occasions, whether it is a tall building or an extremely tall place. So when you see mice, you must maintain a good attitude, and don't artificially think that they will not appear in some places. Don't panic when you find it, and don't rush to catch it. Rats carry various germs on their bodies. Wash utensils and hands in time after catching them. Do not peel and eat at will. After discovery, consult or notify the cooperative disinfecting company in time to hunt and kill.

3. Mice are mostly nocturnal animals.

Most of the mice are nocturnal animals, and it is difficult to find them during the day. Generally, when they are found, there are traces of rat feces or food, and the items have been damaged. If there are signs, measures should be taken in time to avoid greater damage.

4. Rats have fixed activity routes

Rats have a fixed activity route. In order to eliminate the sound of walking, rats will basically walk on all fours, so the rat trails will basically leave black or brown traces after the rats walk.

5. The rat track not only crawls horizontally, but also crawls vertically up and down

The rat track is not horizontal, half of the rat track is vertical to the ground, the mouse can slide down from high altitude, and can also climb upstairs from low place. How do we disinfect it.
For rodent control, Mike personally suggested not to use DIY tools as much as possible. Many people deploy and control the construction by themselves through online learning and purchased drugs. The result is often labor-intensive, with twice the result and half the effort, treating the symptoms but not the root cause.

Here are some practical methods that can be used for reference.


1. Finding rat holes and rat paths is the key.

No matter the office space is suitable for the family, especially when the restaurant is being decorated and constructed, it is necessary not to leave holes leading to the outdoors, especially for sewers and vents, add filters and make the surroundings tight. Some are because the air-conditioning outlet is not blocked in time when it is idle. Once you find the rat hole, plug it with something harder like cement or wood glue.

2. Look for rat trails.

As I said above, look for rat trails through rat holes. Rat trails have obvious signs, and generally there will be obvious traces. Only when the drugs and equipment for the control of rat lanes are found will they not be blindly and ineffectively released.

3. Drug delivery.

There are generally mouse traps on the market, such as rat poison, tracking cream, mouse trap, and sticky mouse board. The choice of rat poison should have good palatability and contain a variety of ingredients that rats like to eat; the polygonal shape can stimulate rats to bite, and can ensure a lethal dose for rats to eat at one time. Apply the tracking ointment on the mouse path, and the mouse will have itchy feet after passing by, and will lick its toes to achieve the purpose of poisoning; there are many kinds of mousetraps that will not be introduced; the sticky mouse board must be made in the shape of a mouse hole. Try not to leave it open. There are legal restrictions in some regions and countries, and it may only be operated by professional companies.
kill poison

4. Tonic and clean up in time.


The so-called technical industry has specialization, and each industry has its own knowledge and methods. In real life, it is necessary to find professional tools or professional personnel to hunt and kill specific rodents and cockroaches in real life. Be really effective.
Each tool has different usage scenarios, and using professional tools will get twice the result with half the effort. As a professional rodent exterminator, Mike usually uses more chemicals or glue. If you use it at home, I can also recommend you to use this kind of super electric rodent control tool, which has no chemical pollution, high success rate of rodent control, and can be reused and washed. If you are interested, you can click the link here to learn more.

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