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Date: 24,03,2023

Author: Aosion

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The Aosion-AN-C555 Electronic Rodent Zapper is a Rat Zapper Ultra, Super Trap, No Rat Will Survive This Rodent Zapper!

Which mouse can withstand a 7,000-volt high-voltage electric shock and survive?

7000 volt high voltage electric shock - 5 electric shocks,

The electric rodent killers of some similar products only have 1000~2000 volts, and the rodents are easy to escape.
May I ask which mouse can withstand a 7,000-volt high-voltage electric shock and survive?
If there is a surviving mouse, the 5 consecutive electric shocks can definitely take the life of this mouse. With this super electric shock rodent killer, you only need to pity the unlucky mouse, and don't worry about the mouse is still alive.
Aosion AN-C555-Electronic Rat Zapper Ultra effective


Put the mouse bait, some food that mice like to eat in the area where the AN-C555 Electronic Rodent Zapper puts the bait. Place in areas where some mice may be present, out of reach of children or household pets. After power on, it can start to run normally.

Optimize iterative detail design

(1) It takes about 3 seconds for the mouse to enter the cage to trigger the electric shock. Judging from the actual experimental test results, the electric shock efficiency is close to full marks.
(2) There will be a 24h reminder after the mouse is triggered, there will be a
(3) After the product appearance is disassembled, the upper and lower parts can be overlapped when not in use or during transportation, saving storage space, packaging costs and transportation costs.

Security Design

AN-C555 Electronic Rodent When the upper and lower parts are separated, the circuit is fully connected to the port. The upper and lower parts of the shell are designed with contacts and the buckle will be energized at the same time, and the contacts have a hidden design.
Aosion AN-C555 Electronic Rat Zapper-Ultra safe design

Reusable and washable

Separate appearance design, upper and lower parts, the lower part does not contain circuit board, can be washed and reused.
Aosion AN-C555 Electronic Rat Zapper Ultra washable

Multiple power supply modes

power mode,
(1) Support 4*D batteries, can shock about 27 mice.
(2) Support power adapter, with extension cord, extension cord has led light to trigger reminder function.
Rodent control is a problem that often needs to be dealt with, especially in rural and urban fringe areas. Rodent pests not only cause great losses to crops and family life, but also endanger human health and spread diseases. Therefore, rodent control is a problem that every family and farm needs to pay attention to.
Aosion-AN-C555 Electronic Rat-Zapper Ultra safe power design

The advantages and disadvantages of the relevant rodent control methods are listed below:

Rap glue,

Advantages: cheap, can trap mice on the spot,
Disadvantages: There are serious hidden dangers in the disposal of corpses. The corpses will attract other animals to eat, and other animals will be stuck with glue, which will affect the ecological balance of local animals, and piles of animal corpses will greatly increase the difficulty of cleaning. Therefore, many countries have begun to pay attention to this, and have issued corresponding laws and regulations to restrict the use of mousetrap glue. If you want to choose to use mousetrap glue, please understand the local regulations in advance to avoid violating local laws and regulations.
rat mice trapped Rat Adhesive Board

Rat poison,

Advantages: cheap, most mice will be poisoned to death,
No rat carcasses were found. Using rat poison, usually the rats will not be poisoned on the spot, they may die in some hidden corners, until one day you smell an unpleasant rotten smell, you can find the dead rats. I believe that most people don't want to see the picture of rat corpses crawling with bugs. To make matters worse, you also have to clean up rotting rat carcasses.
kill poison


Pros: cheap,
Disadvantages: Mice escape easily, and some traps may not be reusable after triggering,

Biological rodent control,

Advantages: automatic hunting, biological rodent control is through natural enemies to kill rodents under natural conditions. For example, cats, dogs, mink, etc.
Disadvantages: These natural enemies of rats are often not within the grasp of people, so this method is not the best way to get rid of rats, whether it is at home or on the farm.
A cat catches a mouse.jpg

In general:

Each rodent control method has its advantages and disadvantages, and should be selected according to the specific situation. When choosing a rodent control method, we should consider the effect of rodent control and the safety of people. With the electric shock super rodent killer, there will be no rats that will survive. In addition, we should take timely measures to solve the problem of rodent control as early as possible, so as to prevent the spread of pests in homes and farms.

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